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            Yoga and Personal Training in Cortez, CO

Group and Private Personal Strength Training

Personal Training sessions can accommodate up to four clients at a time.

Personal Training Services

Nestled next to the Hawkins Preserve in Cortez, Colorado, Soar Mind Body Fit Studio offers a quiet and intimate setting that fosters a space for meaningful and productive dialogue not found in traditional gym settings. Personal training sessions are geared towards physical strength gains, attaining a target weight, and also towards emotional empowerment. Workouts can be light-hearted and fun while being vigorous and challenging.

Exercises are based on multi-joint, functional movements. These full body workouts improve overall muscular endurance, strength, coordination, balance, posture, and agility. These movements also enhance our everyday activities. Using a variety of equipment and body weight exercises, clients are guided to be fully aware of their movements from head to toe, giving them more kinesthetic awareness. Each workout is tailored to the client’s needs and limitations.

Private personal strength training sessions can accommodate from one to four clients at a time. Every workout  is created to meet each individual’s needs, whether training one-on-one with Silvia or in a small group.  Sessions are by appointment only.

All packages are sold 10 sessions at a time.  Sessions are 1/2 hour.

Private Strength Training: $250 

Semi-Private 2 Person Strength Training:  $175 per person

Semi-Private 3-4 Person Strength Training:  $150 per person

Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire within 6 months of purchase with the exception of serious illness and/or injury.

Group rates only apply when each member is consistent with attendance.

Clients are challenged
Good form is always a priority