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Private and Group Yoga

You do not have to be flexible to do yoga.  Flexibility comes with continued practice.  There is no goal in yoga, only process.  That’s why it’s called a yoga practice.

Yoga Services

The word yoga means union in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit: union of the body and mind, union of the self and the other, union of the entire universe. We have become a species  disengaged with our bodies, with each other, and with nature, sucked into a world that resides in our heads not fully using the senses, not fully engaging, and lacking in intimacy and experience. We have lost the experience of human being and have become human doing. Yoga gives us the means with which we can reconnect, gain clarity, and accept what we are: a divine piece of a divine puzzle.  

Yoga is the ultimate tool in creating more mindfulness in our lives.

Silvia's  instruction has a heart-based focus with attention to detail of alignment. She offers physical and verbal corrections to align the body and deepen the poses. She helps yoga students focus on how they are feeling in each moment, both physically and emotionally. She guides students toward touching the experience of residing in peace, joy and gratitude.

Packages of 10 sessions:

Private Yoga:  $300

Semi-Private 2 Person Yoga:  $210 per person

Semi-Private 3-4 Person Yoga:  $180 per person

Sessions are 30 minutes.

Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire within 6 months of purchase with the exception of serious illness and/or injury.

Group rates only apply when each member is consistent with attendance.

Verbal cues and physical corrections are given
No experience needed
Poses are deepened by touch